Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a note

Wow totally broken my new years resolution about blogging, but I swear I will be better about it. I actually have several blogs written, just not on the computer. I am finally trying to get back to my original purpose of writing for the hell of it, trying to keep my thoughts organized instead of jumbled in my brain all the time. Hopefully I can start coming up with some more thought provoking or at least intelligent blog topics to share.

Thanks to those who emailed and let me know you were checking out the blog ( I'm not sure why cause I have read back over some of these things, and I may have been drunk for a few of, so to you guys that care (actually quite a few of you evidently) I will hopefully be around finally typing some stuff up!

Side note, the new Carrie Underwood video is great in all its cheesy, goofyness! She plays it well and its a great side to her, I'll accept the cheap made video for this one if they promise to go alllll out for the "Just a Dream" video!

1 comment:

joe said...

love the carrie video! i was hating it before because of how cheap it looked, but i watched it a few more times and loved the goofiness of it all!