Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Love this Song!!!

Carrie Underwood again. I know its not suprising, but she freaking kicks ass on this song, and its one of my favorites off her album "Carnival Ride"

This song has always made me matter how many times I hear it, and seeing it live just makes it that much more awesome. In concert its a show stopper, and at the opry, its the same!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gaby,

Your blog is great! I work for Great American Country Televison and would love to send you our weekly updates. Do you have an e-mail where I can contact you?


Anonymous said...

Since you seem to be as big a Carrie fan as I am I bet you already have her old stuff but have you heard Carrie's rendition of Patsy's "Crazy"?

Carrie "evolved" IKYW. I saw her perform that song in Greenville, SC a few weeks ago and it has really become something from the first time I saw her perform it right after the CR release. Whew! Gives an old man heart flutters! ;-)

We were at the Gwinnett Arena the night she got a little emotional before "Don't Forget To Remember Me"! What a fantastic night. Not only did Carrie melt this old guy's heart, again, but Keith Urban serenaded my Lovely Bride. Woo-Hoo! I got lucky that night! HA!

-JHD (my Blogger account is messed up so I've got to sign anonymously)