Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brad Paisley Concert

Well, I am a little ashamed of myself...I went to this concert with every intention to focus and create a great review to share with the blogosphere, but...... I pulled a Kenny Chesney concert and got wayyyy too drunk and had wayyyy too much fun to focus on the details.

The details I do have are....

1. Rodney Adkins is really good! I enjoy a few of his songs, he really works a big crowd well and got us all pumped up for Brad.

2. I missed Taylor Swifts show (beer line was indeed really really were the bathrooms), but her presence brings out shifty creepy old men who worship her....Its frightening.

3. Brad plays the heck out of his guitar. I love it!

4. Lights, video, and a great band, help Brad reach us way in the back! (It was just as cool a show from general admission on the hill as it was for 8th row seats last year!)

All in all I had a blast thanks to my amazing friends and good ole Bud Light!

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