Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She's gone and done it again!

Hey all, sorry no concert review yet, I've been a bit busy. But in the midst of all the craziness a bit of beautiful music was thrown my way last night.

I was at work, streaming the Grand Ole Opry, and my girl Carrie Underwood was playing. Of course she was amazing, vocals were spot on even through a bit of water choking (hate when it goes down the wrong hole). Anyways she did her usual thing, sang So Small, and then out of no where she throws in the gospel song How Great Thou Art. Now I love this song so the thought of arguably my favorite artist in the world singing it thrilled me to no end. I love, love, loved it. Just when I think I can't be more impressed with this girl (I know I've said that before), she goes and throws something in there that knocks me on my ass.

Anyways I was trolling the fan sites this morning and found where someone had recorded the stream. (Thanks to whoever got that!)

So here is her amazing How Great Thou Art and then the full Carrie Underwood Opry Performance.

Definitely worth checking out to brighten your day!

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