Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Acoustic Carrie Underwood

I work the front desk at a 24 hour gym. The hours I work are not really prime time work out hours, so needless to say I have a good bit of time on my hands to do nothing. To kill time I have my handy dandy video ipod and watch different video's I have managed to convert.

Last night I sat down and re watched Carrie Underwood's Stripped performances. Now for those of you who don't know Stripped is basically just the artist in an acoustic setting jamming out to their songs. Now I enjoy pretty much anything when it is done acoustically, just letting the artists voice take over but Carrie Underwood is different.
Carrie Stripped

I think I actually prefer the things she sings acoustically, to anything she has done with big production. Her voice, to me is utter perfection and it never fails to send chills down my spine when she tackles an amazing song.

Like this cover of "Alone". Now she has done this before, on American Idol and on the Idols tour, but this is the first time I had heard her sing the whole song. I love this arrangement with the fiddle and her voice, seriously it amazes me.

"Don't Forget to Remember Me" is always a song I liked, but never really loved. When I saw her in concert and saw that she did this song more stripped down and acoustic, I LOVED it. The Stripped version is probably my favorite version of this song that I have seen along with the version she did on the Season finale of American Idol.

So if you like nostalgia, and good music check these out. She doesn't disappoint!

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