Friday, July 20, 2007

The Sylvia Brown Fraud

I have recently come across a fun debunking of Sylvia Brown from Anderson Cooper. I appreciate that he is not such a gullible media personality and tries to bring the truth out no matter the ridiculous babble.
This first video gives the intro into why she is such a fraud.

The second brings in James Randi, my personal hero, to take her down even more. Her publicist has no shot.

To most people Sylvia Brown is just a harmless psychic just out there on TV trying to make a living. Most don't realize the harm she brings by spreading her nonsense all over the place. She uses people in their most vulnerable of states, and takes their money with no remorse. Not only does she have no real ability, (I maintain the psychic phenomenon has not ever been proven and therefor does not exist.), but she is even a horrible cold reader. A cold reader basically just uses information that is given by the person, and makes generalized blanket statements that sound like it "could be possible."

There is also a great website out there trying to stop her nonsense.
Stop Sylvia Brown

So beware the psychics!


impossibledreamer said...

So, you're saying he's still alive.... ??? ( insert the startled hamster move here )

Gaby said...

haha i know, shocking she was wrong

where is that darn hamster when i need it

Anonymous said...

Why has it taken so long to expose Silvia Browne, why have people been so gullible allowing her to continue, surely people even when grieving should realise no caring psychic would charge $700 for 20 minutes work, or ever discuss medical issues, which, is unethical, why was this and her approach and rude behaviour( continuous rolling of eyes)never ever questioned, could these grieving clients not see her cold eyes and lack of compassion.No reputable psychic could ever deliver messages at the speed that she did.I find it difficult to understand that she has been working in the media for years, and it has taken so long for her to be exposed.The writing was on the wall.It is people like this who give genuine caring gifted psychics a bad name.She is now very rich and can live comfortably.
I do not think she is suffering.
I find her disgraceful.
And urge the people in America to stop being so gullible, in allowing this to happen, and continue.